Friday, October 1, 2010

It's a Candy Corn Friday

I LOVE Candy Corn. I love the candy and I love the colors. Since the storebought kind is hard on the hips I've created some Candy Corn of my own.

Starting with----

Now tell me--how "cute" is that?

And you know that every cutie needs a cute hat---

Thanks to KrissyWonders for this adorable pattern.

But what if you live in FL and it is still too hot for a hat?

Then you find yourself some cute Candy Corn barrette covers!

Now what to do if your Candy Corn Cutie is a messy Candy Corn eater--

She's gonna need a Candy Corn bib of course!

And last of all you're gonna need something to clean up the Candy Corn mess--

So how about a Candy Corn dishcloth with a couple of Candy Corn Potholders.

And if that's not enough Candy Corn for you-head on over to Someday Crafts  for an eyeful of Candy Corn. 
They are hosting Candy Corn Friday and I'm joining in the fun.

BTW---some of these items will be listed in my etsy store--WildflowerKidz.
Stop by for a visit.