Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Little Beach House

Welcome to my little beach house, nestled in a small laid back community on a barrier island off the east coast of central Florida. Built in the mid 50's (we're the same age), it was constructed when hundreds of people were headed here to work in the space program. It became ours in 1979 and we've been through alot together. Three children called it home, making for many noisy and crowded years. Now they are grown and gone--2 to the Atlanta area and 1 to Seattle. My little beach house is quiet these days. It has been a little bit neglected during those busy years (kinda like me!), so I think it is time for the both of us to start on our journey of improvement. Over the years I have been planning so many projects to do as soon as life slowed down alittle bit. Now that I'm seriously (very seriously) considering an early retirement, I think it's time to get started on some of those projects. I hope you'll join me, I'd love to have your company, to talk things over with you, and share with you as my little beach house and I enter this new phase of our lives.


  1. I'm your first follower! Welcome to the land of blogging. It's a lot of fun!