Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where Have I Been?

My last post was the middle of Feburary!

Have I been busy with housework?
Not Really.

Have I been busy with my sewing projects?

Have I been busy crocheting?

But mostly I've been busy visiting.

Love, Love, Love, visiting all the wonderful ladies out in Blogland.
There are so many talented bloggers with absolutely wonderful blogs with lots of great pictures.
I can get lost for hours--first clicking on this one, and then finding another link there, and another and another and another--

First there's Sarah
What she can do with a can of white paint is amazing.

Then there's Manuela--
Her home is so inviting I could visit for hours.

There's my new friend Katherine at Yellow Rose Arbor
She does wonderful tablescaping.

I love getting inspiration for my sewing projects at---

If you want/need pictures of the beach then you need to visit Tootie on Sanibel Island
She even has video and the sound of the waves on the shore.

And of course there's Kim at  Daisy Cottage
Her home is so colorful and there's Maggie.

Oh I could go on and on and on------
Does anyone else have this problem -- obsession?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines for my Sweet Grands

I'm going to my first Blog Party!!

I told Laurie I would attend her first Blog Party (my first too!) But after I saw what some of the other ladies were bringing I am somewhat embarrassed by my contribution. These ladies are fantastic. Thier pictures are gorgeous and thier blogs are amazing. But I told Laurie I would be there and like the properly bred Southern-girl that I am, well here I go--

I made blankets for my sweet grandchildren for a present. You can see those here. And since it was Valentine's Day I added some hearts that I made using one of thier Grandad's old denim workshirts and my embroidery machine. I really like them--Hope you do too.

This one is for Audrey---

This one if for Greyson---

This one is for Bridget--

And here are the blankets wrapped and ready to mail---

Greyson called and told me he liked his blanket. My daughter says the girls like their's also. It is still cold up in North GA so they will get good use of them for another month or so.

Laurie, Thank you for inviting me to your Party. I'm having fun visiting with all your friends.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The blankets are Finished---

This is Audrey's---

Sorry the 2nd picture is so bright. Have to keep practicing with my camera and editing.

This is Greyson's--

I really love the backing on this one.

This is Bridget's---

Bridget's is a little different. The material on the front is a cotton blend, not flannel, so I used a fusible fleece and then I tied it with light pink embroidery floss.  I love how it looks.

I would like to thank Christine for her great tutorial--you can find it here

I'm making some "Valentines" to send to them also. Then it's wrapping and mailing. I've really enjoyed getting back to sewing and crafting. I can hardly wait until I can do it all the time.