Friday, October 1, 2010

It's a Candy Corn Friday

I LOVE Candy Corn. I love the candy and I love the colors. Since the storebought kind is hard on the hips I've created some Candy Corn of my own.

Starting with----

Now tell me--how "cute" is that?

And you know that every cutie needs a cute hat---

Thanks to KrissyWonders for this adorable pattern.

But what if you live in FL and it is still too hot for a hat?

Then you find yourself some cute Candy Corn barrette covers!

Now what to do if your Candy Corn Cutie is a messy Candy Corn eater--

She's gonna need a Candy Corn bib of course!

And last of all you're gonna need something to clean up the Candy Corn mess--

So how about a Candy Corn dishcloth with a couple of Candy Corn Potholders.

And if that's not enough Candy Corn for you-head on over to Someday Crafts  for an eyeful of Candy Corn. 
They are hosting Candy Corn Friday and I'm joining in the fun.

BTW---some of these items will be listed in my etsy store--WildflowerKidz.
Stop by for a visit.


  1. Oh my gosh these projects are just the cutest!! You are so talented to be able to crochet.

  2. It all looks so yummy! Love the hat.

  3. Wow just found your blog. Love the candy corn bib. Great blog, when you have a moment stop by my blog and join if you would like. I'm having a give away.