Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where Have I Been?

My last post was the middle of Feburary!

Have I been busy with housework?
Not Really.

Have I been busy with my sewing projects?

Have I been busy crocheting?

But mostly I've been busy visiting.

Love, Love, Love, visiting all the wonderful ladies out in Blogland.
There are so many talented bloggers with absolutely wonderful blogs with lots of great pictures.
I can get lost for hours--first clicking on this one, and then finding another link there, and another and another and another--

First there's Sarah
What she can do with a can of white paint is amazing.

Then there's Manuela--
Her home is so inviting I could visit for hours.

There's my new friend Katherine at Yellow Rose Arbor
She does wonderful tablescaping.

I love getting inspiration for my sewing projects at---

If you want/need pictures of the beach then you need to visit Tootie on Sanibel Island
She even has video and the sound of the waves on the shore.

And of course there's Kim at  Daisy Cottage
Her home is so colorful and there's Maggie.

Oh I could go on and on and on------
Does anyone else have this problem -- obsession?


  1. Oh yeah...I get lost for hours also...and don't even mention looking a flickr group photos. I need to sew and write not visit, well not so much.
    It's wonderful that you mentioned the places you like. I had fun visiting them, too.

  2. I am SO glad that YOU are here in Blogland.


  3. Oh yes, I am indulging in that very problem right now and enjoying myself sooo much! laurie

  4. Well, what a nice surprise to see my name here! Thanks for mentioning my blog!

    Yep, blogging/reading is addictive!!


  5. Awe, thanks! :) I love visiting your blog too. That little apron is just toooo cute! I used to sew a lot before I turned into a Sanibel Slacker; coming to your blog makes me miss it.

  6. So it's not just me? I feel like I've made friends all over and I love visiting their homes. And you can't beat the free decorating advice! Here from Kim at Daisy Cottage's comment section--enjoying all the kindred spirits I'm meeting :)