Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Quilt----

The work on the quilt continues---

Putting together the 17" squares---
Sorry--Care--I had to pin--

I forgot to take a picture of the 17" squares sewin together--but this is the layout that I did--

Next I cut the 17" squares into 4  8.5" squares

Then laid them out in the Disappearing Nine Patch Pattern---

I was too "structered" when I sewed the squares together which it made it more difficult to lay them out without like fabrics touching--next time I will be more random.

Now the rows are stacked, marked and ready for the next step--

I am hoping the 1/4" presser foot I ordered will be here today--I need to get the rows sewed together and the seam markings on my machine are pathetic. It was hard to keep the seam straight. I hope to be working on this tonight.


  1. Oh that is beautiful!! I wish I had learned quilting from my great aunts. They started a quilt for me and each of them worked on it before they passed. It is truly a treasure to me as are some other vintage quilts I have. What a wonderful talent!!