Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Flowers--

I've been busy working in the yard this past week--

So have the bees--

I've never had roses before but last year Publix had little pots of miniature roses--
So I bought a few--

I can't believe they made it through the winter but here they are blooming in their pots on my patio--

There's a white one--

And a yellow one--

And a red one---

I think they are so pretty and delicate--being so small--
Maybe my "green thumb" is coming back--


  1. Those roses are so pretty, I especially love the yellow one...great photos.

  2. I love roses & yours are beautiful. I bought a mini rose plant from the 99 cent store last year but it died this winter. Maybe forgetting to water it had something to do with it. lol. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  3. How nice to see you back Blogging Megan! I kept checking to see how your Retirement was going and was thrilled to see you on this last check in. I've seen those mini roses at Publix and yours look awesome! I might just have to give some a try; and OMG, your quilt below is gonna be gorgeous! Love the colors and love the "Disappearing 9 Patch!" Several of my friends have been making them and I was just getting ready to do one myself :) Loved seeing your kids and grandkids too :) God Bless :)