Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Love-Bug Invasion

No --

I'm not talking about the cute little Volkswagon "love-bug"

You remember it --

From the movie--

No -- I'm talking insects--

Swarming insects --

Hundreds of them--

Can you see them--

It has been horrible the last few days-

They only live a few days--

"making-love" the whole time--

The female lays her eggs--

Then they die.

I  spent this morning sweeping their little carcasses off my porches.

But the eggs will hatch and  we'll have a whole new batch. Usually in September. Something to look forward to.

And you thought Florida was all beaches, sun-tans and oranges!


  1. Hey, We have the same problem here in southwest Georgia - not quite as bad ..... We get them stuck to the front on the car when out on the road. Hang in there - it's mosquito time here! Ouch! Lisa

  2. Yikes! LOL, I'm bug phobic. Seems like no matter where we live we have critters of one sort or another.

    Thanks for coming by to visit Always Nesting! I found the chocolate sunflower seeds at a locally owned grocery store in the bulk candy section where you can buy by the pound. Not that I bought a pound, well, maybe :)

    Welcome to the land of blogging!

  3. Hi! Thanks for dropping by and entering my giveaway at By the Hill...isn't blogging fun??

    Since you quilt, did you see my post from this week with the pictures of the tiny embroidered crazy quilt section...It's not a quilt, but I'm going to post more pictures of what it is as soon as I can find the time in the next couple of days.
    I wish you luck in my giveaway!
    (Mosquitoes starting here, lol...everyone has bugs of some kind!)

  4. Hi Megan..thanks for entering my give away!
    Good Luck! I love Florida, but I wish I had a beach cottage! I live in central Florida in rural Hardee County..about an hour east of Tampa, just south of Lakeland and 20 miles west of Sebring. Been here forever!!! Love Bugs have invaded us as well. Love your blog, your quilt is nice. I have only made small ones. LOL...
    We go to the Gulf coast every summer and I am waiting!
    Smiles and Blessings,

  5. stopping by to visit those who've entered my Cottage Charm Giveaway!
    nice to meet you. YES! I have seen those critters! While on our way home from Florida!
    Gracious! They were everywhere - I was afraid to open my mouth to talk to my husband...he might like that :D

  6. There are no pests that take over here in the beautiful Northwest! :)

  7. Maybe they are attracted to the rusted out shed and the resin chairs! :) J/K. LOVE YA MOM.

  8. It's me again! Come on back to look at what that really was, it was not a Victorian crazy quilt, but made the same way....I won't tell you exactly what it is, you'll have to come and look.
    I was making the post about it just after you were there.
    Thanks for the comment....

  9. Hey,Megan, Please E-mail me your address - I would like to send the giveaway scarf! Have a great weekend. Lisa

  10. Yikes! I thought our yearly ladybug swarm was bad!


  11. Thankfully they aren't here...yet anyway. Some years are worse than others. It's always a yucky time.

    Hope today is "bug free" for you.


  12. Yep, looks familiar! Yuk, I hate them!!!


  13. I put out ortha max once in march and again in Late May then last of June, so we do not get many bugs here.

    It might help there too. I know that bugs can be bad when the weather is so hot. Our temps are away above normal for this time of the year. We should be between 76 and 86 and it has been in the 90's for 10 straight days. Looks like summer is going to be a hot one this year.

    Give that stuff a try. I spread it on my lawn when I know it is going to rain and let the rain water it in to the ground.