Saturday, June 5, 2010

For the Birds---

Looks like there's a new "kid" on the block--
I heard "him" chirping this morning while I was enjoying my coffee on the patio.

As I took a closer look I saw--
A brother or sister-
They look so cute.

Noticed some more movement and then there were--

Momma was getting worried--
So I left her alone to tend to her babies-
And I went back to my coffee.


  1. Hey - great photos! All the Domestic Bliss cats would love to watch birds at your house! Lisa

  2. I could watch the birds all day..something so hopeful about them!!

  3. Beautiful photos and OMG on your "win" below! What an awesome scarf ... it looks soooo soft. The little dress for your DGD gets another OMG! Oh heck, it's so daggone cute, it gets two OMG's. It is precious :)

  4. Megan -

    They are sweet. I've been tending to my garden in the early morning hours and have witnessed many 'first flights' this spring. I was not as fortunate as you to have my camera handy. Thanks for sharing these small blessings.

    Your Friend,