Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Quilt is Finished!!!

After procrastinating for a few weeks, worried that it would be "too hard", I finally just did it!

I laid out and taped the backing to the floor--

I spread out the batting--

I laid out the quilt top over the backing and batting-

And I pinned it all together--

I machine quilted it-
And here IT is finished---

The front--
And the back--
Although it's not perfect--it is my "1st Quilt Ever"--I'm happy with it.
I LOVE the colors
and most importantly
I learned alot!
I've already started on another quilt!!!


  1. Congrats, that is a huge accomplishment. It looks beautiful!

  2. Megan, It is beautiful! You should be so pleased with yourself. Quilts are such treasures - I have one that my grandmother made. It is one of those things I'll grab if I have a fire in the house! You have created an heirloom! Way to go!!!!!!
    Darlin' if there was a way to send you some butterbeans you know I would!


  3. Wow! I'm impressed....beautiful!


  4. Totally impressed....and glad I stopped by to see it...Your blog always makes me smile.
    Have a great Sunday

  5. I'm impressed too! My great aunts did it, but I never learned. Wish I had! Thanks for stopping by! I agree with you about the windows and dusting! I can't ever get the windows clean, lol!

  6. Ohhhhh Megan! It's gorgeous ... absolutely fantastic and I am amazed at how well you did!!!! The quilting is awesome. Congratulations to you my dear and enjoy basking in the glory!!! You certainly deserve it :)

  7. Congratulations on your first quilt! It's warm and wonderful. Now that you've made one you'll be planning future quilts and have UFOs like the rest of us. :o)

  8. Hi Megan.
    I am so glad you dropped by my blog this morning. Thank you for your kind words. :o) I sure am enjoying creating both the string quilt and the hexagons. :o)
    Your quilt is absolutely beautiful!! And so beautifully quilted. I have not been able to master machine quilting yet. :o)
    Your love bug post is funny. I had never heard of love bugs before moving to the south. Yikes, they are everywhere at times! Not sure if the weather was so cold in the winter, that it killed them off (for now) but I have not seen them in the longest time. :o)
    Have a great day and drop by anytime.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  9. A beautiful story, love to hear about highschool sweethearts-I can sew a bit- but not quilt you have quite the talent so beautiful
    , a new follower, cant wait to check back with ya...