Sunday, January 16, 2011

No Snow Here!!

Seems like everyone is posting pictures of snow. And while I have to admit it does looks beautiful and serene,  I much prefer the scenery in my backyard.

For example---

Even after  my "gardening neglect" and the cold temps I am pleasantly surprised to find this beautiful bloom---

It is one of my hibiscus bushes--it always seems to have a least one flower blooming. I forget the name. We just buy the small gallon size at our local "big box" plant department. This one seems to be a hardy variety.

Then there are my wildflowers--

These are Gaillardia aristata---also know as Blanket Flower.  We have several different color combinations growing wild in our backyard. They are all volunteers which means we didn't plant them--the birds did.

These are the other wildflowers blooming in the backyard---

I've always called these beach sunflowers. They grow wild on the dunes. Their official name is Rudbeckia hirta and they are most commonly known as Black-Eyed Susan--which I think is funny because the center is brown. They are also volunteers.

Did you know that last week Florida was the only state in the union that did not have any snow.

Oops--maybe that's a fact better kept quiet.


  1. Beautiful photographs. You are already taking and editing like an artist! I love being a Floridian; I don't care what they say about "enjoying the seasons." Thanks for four seasons of Sun!! Love. Brianne

  2. Hi Megan, We definitely live and play in a 'no snow zone'.. Oh, happy days! That's why we live here in south Fl.